Greenwich Scholarship Association

"Thank you for opening the windows to my future much wider." Hoctavio DeLaRosa (1999 award recipient) 

About Us

The Greenwich Scholarship Association ("GSA") is an umbrella organization which awards scholarships from numerous organizations. Completion of this application automatically makes students with demonstrated financial need eligible for all scholarships GSA represents, including PTA and PTAC scholarships. DEMONSTRATED FINANCIAL NEED IS A PRE-REQUISITE FOR RECEIPT OF ANY SCHOLARSHIP FROM GSA.

Click here to see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

To Apply

Click here to access the 2014 GSA application forms. Recently, we have upgraded to a service that allows you to complete and submit your entire application online. The program will allow you to save your work so the form does not need to be completed all at once. You may make changes to your application until you submit it.

Printed applications are no longer available; if you are not able to complete your application online, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.


** Create a profile using the STUDENT'S information (NOT PARENT) and the best e-mail address (it is recommended to use your school account).

** All further correspondence will be to the PROFILE E-MAIL address so it is important to check it!

**Create only 1 profile -- if you forget something or need to make changes after submission, contact

1. Complete the GSA on-line application. It is important to complete all fields -- especially the financial ones. This WILL affect the amount you are eligible to receive.

2. You MUST have applied to all of your college choices for financial aid to be eligible for aid through GSA.

3. You MUST have completed and filed FAFSA form. Submit the resulting Student Aid Report to verify financial need (5 pages). You may attach it to your application or submit a hard copy by mail but it must be received by MARCH 13, 2014. * Please note that it may take up to 5 days to receive an SAR upon completion of the FAFSA filing. An SAR will not generate if you leave certain information blank -- be sure you receive confirmation that your FAFSA submission is complete.

4. You MUST attend the GSA Award Ceremony on THURSDAY, JUNE 12 at 7:00 pm in the GHS Auditorium. If you do not attend, you will not receive your award.

Contact Information

Greenwich Scholarship Association
P.O. Box 4627
Greenwich, CT 06831 

By phone

Katherine Sanford
Phone: 203-661-0248

By e-mail

The GSA Board of Directors 2014
  • Leslie Alfano
  • Anne Bourne
  • Judy Chapman
  • William Dylewsky
  • Terri Haidinger
  • Marie J. Hertzig
  • Barbara Hindman
  • Catherine Holden
  • Rob Janelli
  • Allan Jay
  • Diane Keleher
  • Cindy Lindemeyer
  • Jennifer Lynch
  • Linda Miller
  • Judith Nedell
  • Jennifer D. Port
  • Rod Saggese
  • Katherine Sanford
  • Juliet Schnur
  • Adrianne Singer
  • Geoffrey Thaw
  • Dora Williams
  • Linna Yee
  • Chris Zadik
  • Donna Zeale