About Us

The Greenwich Scholarship Association (“GSA”) is an umbrella organization which awards scholarships from numerous organizations. Completion of this application automatically makes students with demonstrated financial need eligible for all scholarships GSA represents, including PTA and PTAC scholarships.

In 2015, GSA matched over $500,000 in scholarship funds with 124 graduating seniors.

The GSA Board of Directors 2015/2016

Executive Board

Marie J. Hertzig – President
Catherine Holden – Vice President of Applications
Juliet Schnur – Vice President of Students
Linda J. Miller – Vice President of Sponsors
Leslie Alfano – Vice President of Interviews
Judy Chapman – Vice President of Events
Allan Jay – Treasurer
Bill Dylewsky – Assistant Treasurer
Jennifer D. Port – Legal Counsel
Rod Saggese – Secretary

GSA Board
Carole Ann Coughlin
William Dylewsky
Terri Haidinger
Keri Ann Hofer
Diane Keleher
Cindy Lindemeyer
Jennifer Lynch
Judith Nedell
Debra Olesen
Adrianne Singer
Blakely Stinebaugh
Margaret Santhanam
Geoffrey Thaw
Linna Yee
Elizabeth Zaccherio